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Vilnius Lounge is a cool station, but we need your help. Together we can create the best radio experience!

Hi! I am one of the founders of radio Vilnius Lounge Oleg Shchedlovsky. Good music is incredible fun and drive, but it also means paying copyright holders. Unless, of course, you are a pirate.

In 2022, we need 1 500 euro to pay for licenses and servers. For amateur non-commercial radio, this is a fairly large amount. Therefore, I am asking you for help.

If the music you hear in Vilnius Lounge radio makes your heart beat faster, please consider supporting us. The amount of your donation can be absolutely anything.


Support Vilnius Lounge

GOAL 2022: 1 500 EURO



We accept donations through the platform. This service guarantees the security and confidentiality of your payments.

Donations can also be sent by bank transfer: IBAN LT897044060008242235 (SEB bank, SWIFT-code CBVILT2X), headed to Oleg Ščedlovskij, reason: Donation for Vilnius Lounge. If you are from Russia, please support us at If you suddenly use PayPal, you can donate here.

Donators 2022

Topnews24: «Привет из Красноярска. Ловите пару центов на развитие»
Serge Ko: «Очень рад, что вы вернулись! Продолжайте в том же духе! Вы мое любимое радио!»
Васян (Russia)
Rimantas K. (Lithuania)
Rokas N. (Lithuania)
Darius S. (Lithuania)
Lutelo (Brazil)
Kęstas Ž. (Lithuania)
Jacques F. (Canada)
Darius K. (Lithuania)

Thank you so much

There are tens of thousands of radio stations on the Internet. But finding your own among them is worth a lot.

Many thanks to all donators! You are very cool! Your support gives strength to move on and come up with something new. No gift too small, no gift too big: the main thing is your participation.

All our donators become part of the Vilnius Lounge radio team and go to this page. In addition, we publish regular reports on the donations received (of course, with words of thanks) on our Facebook page.

And finally, the most pleasant thing. We will send souvenirs to everyone at the end of the year. These will be small, but very nice things. Thanks again!


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